02 November 2017
STRONG, SMART & SUSTAINABLE 3S of CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY Already at the 7-th edition, trough ROBuild Conferences, we go together trough […]
From: 19 October 2017 to: 20 October 2017
The International Conference on ENERGY and ENVIRONMENT (CIEM) is organised by  the Academy of Romanian Scientists, Shanghai Academy of Science […]
12 September 2017
We would like to invite you to econet meeting #2, Legal Update Energy and Environment.       After a […]
From: 18 June 2017 to: 22 June 2017
Does the efficient management of primary resources concern you? Are you interested in efficiency raising solutions for utilities? Do you […]
15 June 2017
Why dig – when there are trenchless solutions? We are pleased to invite you to TRENCHLESS ROMANIA CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION […]

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