AHK Romania

The German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Romania) was established in September 2002. With its almost 600 members it is the largest bilateral economic association in Romania. AHK Romania is the official representative of the German economy in Romania and plays a key role in fostering the German-Romanian economic relations.

Through our platform for members and networking we offer o broad range of advantages such as:

  • possibility to exchange information and experience with other members of the chamber at various events
  • representation of interests in the relation with official authorities
  • participation at specialized conferences and events dealing with current economic and political topics

Furthermore, as a professional service provider, the AHK Romania offers a wide spectrum of services in supporting German companies to enter the Romanian market and to establish new branches in Romania. The AHK Romania sees itself also as a partner for Romanian companies interested in the German market.

For more information please see the chambers German (http://rumaenien.ahk.de/ueber-uns/ahk-rumaenien/ ) or Romanian (http://rumaenien.ahk.de/ro/despre-noi/ahk-romania/ ) webpage.