Econet Romania

The driving force behind econet romania

econet romania brings together a strong network of representative German & Romanian companies, organizations and institutions promoting solutions and technologies for sustainable economic development

The concept of econet romania

information, networking, advocacy and marketing platform for the promotion of German-Romanian cooperation for sustainable economic development

What does econet romania do

  • Market Intelligence
    • Regularly screening of news
    • Updates on market trends
    • Information on legal framework and incentives
    • Listings of related events
    • An overview of initiatives and projects in Romania
    • A pool of experts


  • Networking & Advocacy
    • Development and maintenance of strategic communities
    • Industry representation towards governmental institutions
    • Follow up on key projects
    • Public consultations
    • Position papers & White papers
    • Strategic meetings with the Romanian Government
    • Roundtables with the German Government
    • Thematic Projects and Events


  • Marketing & Business Development
    • Promotion of German Know-How
    • Best practice examples
    • Project examples
    • Technologies and products
    • Company directory
    • Public and Media Relations
    • Standard and Personalised Services

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