Industrial trends - Environment

30 April 2018
    Bosch CEO Denner also calls for transparency on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions Unprecedented emissions: NOx 10 times […]
26 February 2018
First-class product quality and environmentally compatible manufacturing process in perfect balance Use of renewable resources in the production Verbund BASF’s […]
30 January 2018
The only liquid-applied seamless flooring system in the world allowing noise reduction up to 20 dB Innovative PU system which […]
23 January 2018
Chemetall, the global technology and innovation leader in the metals surface treatment market, plastics and glass industry, develops products for […]
13 November 2017
The German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce organized a symposium regarding the topic “Energy efficiency in the industry”on the 7th November 2017 […]

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