Law & regulations - Resource Efficiency

15 October 2014
As of September 2014, licensed operators in the field of energy will have access to a mechanism for the resolution […]
19 August 2014
Order no. 62/2014 of the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (“ANRE”), establishing the obligation of producers and suppliers of natural gas […]
6 March 2014
The European Commission has imposed a fine of just over € 1 million on S.C. OPCOM S.A. for abusing its […]
29 July 2013
The Certificate of Energy Performance has become mandatory for the real estate market players starting the 20th of July 2013. […]
8 March 2012
The annual mandatory acquisition quota of green certificates for 2011 is set at 0.03746 green certificates / MWh. Source: ANRE […]

   Resource Efficiency