Market information - Resource Efficiency

26 January 2018
Connected parking saves fuel and time – and reduces stress 48-volt drive systems make electric scooters an urban reality 300 […]
8 January 2018
CES 2018 Innovation Awards for Bosch connectivity solutions With the Common Telematics Platform, Bosch is connecting trucks worldwide Connectivity module […]
13 November 2017
The German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce organized a symposium regarding the topic “Energy efficiency in the industry”on the 7th November 2017 […]
14 June 2017
Functional cooling textiles of core sports and occupational safety brands use a special superabsorber fleece from BASF Humans are born […]
1 June 2017
Automotive GURU NET offers automotive related consultancy services. Our services are dedicated to both individuals and firms. For individuals we […]

   Resource Efficiency