The project ”Waste management and Recycling in Romania” and ist follow-up brochure

On 27th June the final conference of the project ”Waste management and Recycling in Romania” took place in Bucharest.

The project was financed within the export initiative “Environment Technologies”, belonging to the German Federal Ministry of Environment, Climate Protection and Nuclear Safety. Three regional workshops in Iasi, Cluj and Timișoara between September 2018 and February 2019 and a conference in June in Bucharest were organised within the project. 

The conference in Bucharest gathered together over 160 participants – representatives of public local authorities,companies  specializedin waste mangement , universities and NGOs, the main objective being the presentation of the results of the workshops and providing an overview of the waste management- situation at national level. 

During the event, the brochure “Waste Management and Recycling in Romania – 15 + 1 proposals for a modern, efficient and sustainable waste collection and management” was presented for the first time, summarizing the problems and solutions proposed by the recycling experts in Romania.

Please find the brochure as electronic document here.

There is also a printed version of the brochure. If you would like to receive a copy please contact us.