Electrica and OMV Petrom have opened their first rapid charging station for electric cars

“In Romania, only small steps have been taken in the field of electromobility, so we, Electrica and OMV Petrom, have joined forces to drive the development of the infrastructure because we care about the environment and Romania’s sustainable development. We believe that this is just the beginning of what we at Electrica call the “green highway” of Romania, “said Catalin Stancu, CEO of Electrica.

“The changes and trends in energy and mobility are topics that we are pursuing, and although the market for electric cars is still at the beginning and hydrocarbons will continue to be the most important source of energy in the world over the next decade, we want to apply new technologies, Which lead to the development of our product range and offer our customers experience and quality, “says Adrian Nicolaescu, Retail Manager of OMV Petrom.

In each of the four OMV filling stations in Bucharest, as well as at the headquarters of Electrica and OMV Petrom, rapid charging stations for electric vehicles with a maximum output of 50 kW are to be installed.

These fast-charging stations allow a 100% electric vehicle to charge up to 80% in only 20 minutes.

According to the Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Passenger Cars, the sales figures for electric and hybrid cars in Romania doubled in 2015 to 495 units.


Source: HotNews