Press release: Romanian companies begin to appreciate sustainability

Bucharest, 05.19.2016

More than 400 companies have registered for the contest Green Business Index (GBI).

The Green Business Index, organized by the Green Revolution Association, is the most important competition in Romania in the environmental management area.

An online survey has been conducted to evaluate how environmental friendly companies are in several different categories.

“We were pleased with the high number of participants, because it infers a growing environmental awareness in companies. The GBI allows for an elaborate assessment of a company’s profile to detect risks and challenges in time,” declared Raluca Fiser, president of Green Revolution.

Pressure from the general public for a sustainable economy formed GBI additionally into an instrument of transparency.

Results of the last edition in May 18th 2016 illustrate a growing interest in the protection of the environment and that the mere compliance with laws is insufficient. An environmentally conscious company has the potential to a competitive advantage over its competition.

Noticeable trends revealed by Green Business Index 2016:

– 60% of companies use environmental design tools.

– 47.5% have reduced their consumption of water and the percentage of companies that do not monitor consumption decreased from 18% to 2.38%.

– The amount of companies that draw their energy primarily from renewable sources has doubled in contrast to the previous year.

– 59.46% of companies have implemented energy efficiency measures.

– 22% of companies have reduced their emissions compared to last year.

– 40.6% have reduced their volume of wastewater of which 60% experienced a decrease in pollutants.

– 60% of companies own a fleet that is less than 2 years old.

Green Revolution has honored companies that were able to improve their environmental performance significantly. Representatives of important companies, the Minister of Water and Forestry and the Chambers of Commerce (AmCham, AHK, Econet) were present. The J.W. Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel has been named the most sustainable company of this year’s edition.

GBI Appreciation in 2016:

Place 1: J.W. Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

Place 2: DHL Express Romania

Place 3: Dacris Impex SRL

Place 4: Graphtec Design SRL

Place 5: HIGHLAND Romania SRL

Honorable mentions: Danone PDPA SRL, Gebruder Weiss SRL, WABAG Water Services SRL, ELECTRO ARGES SA, Takata Romania SRL, Nimet SRL, RMR Arges SRL, PANDORA Prod SRL, ELMAS SRL, Schaeffler Romania SRL.

Participating companies of the GBI 2016 have also provided information for the completion of the GBI report 2015.

The Green Business Index report 2015 can be downloaded at:,s/2016/05/Catalog_Green_Business_Index_2016.pdf


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