The Ministry of Enviroment launched the “Green House Classic” – Project whereby citizens can receive 3,000 – 8,000 Lei for installing solar panels or heat pumps

On Wednesday, the Environment Ministry has announced the project “Casa Verde” for citizens and for juridical entities. Under this program, citizens but also juridical entities can benefit from a financial support that is paid by the Romanian Administration of the Enviromental Funds (AFM), as soon as they replace their conventional heating system with a heating system which is driven by renewable energy.

“One of the most important sectors green economy is based on, are the sources of renewable energy. That is why we decided to re-call the project “Casa Verde” after a 5-year break. We also want to encourage as many citizens as possible to use environmental-friendly heating systems in their homes. Romania is one of the countries with a great potential in the field of renewable energy, which is why we think it is important to make use of this meaningful opportunity and to support it with such projects as Casa Verde.“, says Minister Cristiana Pasca Palmer. To be a part of the project “Casa Verde” and to obtain the mentioned financial support, citizens have to follow 5 steps, according to the information provided by the responsible institution: 

Step 1: Sending the financing request to the AFM

Step 2: Regularly checking the AFM website, to find out, if the confirmation was granted.

Step 3: Signing the financial agreement with AFM

Step 4: Installing the new and eco-friendly heating system

Step 5: Not later than 12 months after signing the financial agreement, an expenses account has to be delivered.


Legal entities, as well, can participate at this project – for example by installing eco-friendly heating systems in institutional areas such as churches. In this case, not only systems which are powered by solar energy or geothermal energy will be financed, but also systems that are powered by biogas or heating systems based on biological waste. 

However, an institution can only submit an application for funding once, but it can submit applications for several properties as long as the fixed maximum financing amount is not exceeded. 


In order to obtain more information about the project, please contact us.